Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A New Website

I have a new website! It's and I would love for you to join me there.

Instead of randomly posting about a party here or a pie there, I've been writing about the dinners and snacks I cook for my family each week, with simple pictures and notes about what we ate and how we liked it.  My goal is to share some dinner inspiration and celebrate the meals we eat together. The meal plans tend to be focused on what's available at the market in Austin, Texas that week, but I cook plenty of less idyllic stuff too- hot dogs on paper plates, or, like this upcoming week, a whole week's worth of meals made from leftovers from my sister's bachelorette party. (Which sounds nuts, but I went totally off the rails and had a fridge full of party leftovers that needed eating. An aside: we ate cheez its and cherries for lunch one day this week- you're right to judge me).

So to you, my 23 feedly readers, I say thank you for reading this ole blog of mine, sticking with me through the ultra sporadic postings, and a year of super-niche pies. I hope you'll consider making the trek over to my new haunts, and that you like what you find there!



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